Stage Ready By Marie

You think you are Stage Ready? If sweat...Marie Allegro is the "Mama Bear" that any cub needs to become a stage ready confident competitor!

Stage Ready By Marie is about bringing the FULL package to the stage. Whether you need a tan, posing guidance, stage presence or mental preparation...Marie provides a one stop shop for all of you competition needs.  

Marie Allegro has been competing since 1990.  She started off as a bodybuilder & switched over to fitness in 1995 where she turned pro in 1996. Marie then found her niche in figure in 2007.  She recently competed and placed 2nd at the IFBB Karina Nascimento Pro Show.

Marie began "coaching" in 1997 for a friend that was competing. Attending simply for moral support, she stuck by her side all day unaware of the overwhelming impact her presence provided. The competitor said "You make a great coach" when all Marie thought was that she was just being a supportive friend. Without even realizing, this was the beginning of Marie Allegro's backstage coaching career.

Her services include but are not limited to, tanning, bronzing, glazing, & tacking on suits (for the ladies). As if this isn't enough, Marie is literally one in a million when it comes to her mental preparation and backstage support. You might not think you need her now, but wait until your tan is ruined because you accidentally sat on a toilet seat, or you are feeling stressed & overwhelmed by the competition, or you caught a glimpse of the hundred plus people sitting in the me...maybe then you will wish you had the aid of "Mama Bear Marie" as your pilar.  

"They don't call me 'stage mama', 'mama bear', 'stage mom' and 'tanning ninja' for nothing.  My goal is to make sure your competition experience is not only a pleasant one, but ignites a fire in you to return to the stage." 

Vincenzo Masone

Ariella Grinberg

Dominick Mutascio

Amanda Houston

Shindel Anderson Van Rhyn "Mimi"